Spins Gymnastics

Some Background on Our Various Classes
Our gymnastics classes are perfect for any aspiring young athletes. Gymnastics will teach your children the body awareness, strength, and flexibility that will be useful in any future sports they may choose to play and participate in. Spins' philosophy is teaching progressive, quality gymnastics in a child-friendly environment. Children will also learn self confidence through individual achievements and conquering of fears. Boys and girls classes are divided by age and experience. Our low child to staff ratio will ensure that your child receives the individual attention that they deserve. Experienced gymnasts may also try out for our advanced 2 hour programs.

Parent-Child Classes (For children 12 months - 3 years old)
These 90 minute classes are openly structured, allowing the child to explore various apparatuses such as the trampoline, beam, bars, and much more. Instructors lead gymnastics warm-ups and teach parents and children throughout the class. The program can enhance children with physical delay, as well as the potentially gifted and talented athletes.

Tiny Tots (For children 3-4 years old)
Our tiny tot program is a structured 45 minute class with a 4:1 ratio of students to instructors. There is a changing weekly plan that starts with the basics of gymnastics, eventually progressing into more advanced skills for your child. Cartwheels, forward and backward rolls, uneven bars, and balance beam will all be taught. At the same time that your child will be having fun and enjoying themselves, they will be gaining a sense of understanding of how body awareness as a young child.

New Boys/Girls
Our classes for new students are 1 hour and 15 minutes long and are designed to be accessible to all children, no matter what their natural athletic ability. We put our focus on safety, strength, flexibility, all the while making sure it is fun. We accomplish this through weekly progressive lesson plans, consistent teachers, and a strong knowledge and background of gymnastics. Every child would enjoy our beginner programs.

Experienced Boys/Girls
These classes are for the child who has enjoyed their gymnastics experience and wishes to continue progressing their skills and abilities. Our staff will encourage your child to excel and improve on a weekly basis, as well as challenge your child to push themselves to new heights, both physically and mentally. These classes are 1 hour and 30 minutes long.

Advanced Boys/Girls
These are invitational classes that are designed to train gymnasts that want to potentially participate at a competitive level. In these 2 hour classes, students will learn a foundation of team-level skills.

Competitive Teams
Spins has competitive gymnastics teams for various age groups. If your child is interested in competing, please let our coaches know and they will be happy to evaluate your child to determine where they would best be.