Spins Gymnastics
600 Bicycle Path,
Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776

Open Gym Schedule

Youth Open Gym (Ages 13 and younger) - $10
Monday Through Friday 1:00~3:00 ($12)
Friday 8pm-9:30pm
Sunday 4:30pm-6pm

Teen Open Gym (Ages 14 and older) - $10
Friday 9:30pm-11pm
Sunday 7pm-8:30pm (practice your Parkour, Tricking and Gymnastics)

Adult & Teen Open Gym - $10
Wednesday 8pm-9:30pm (workout with Miss Jody)

Parent-Child Open Gym - $10
Wednesday 4pm-5:30pm

First time clients please download and complete form below: 
Registration Open Gym Web.docx
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