Spins Gymnastics
600 Bicycle Path,
Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776
Welcome -  Registration on-going for all programs Call 331-9026 for details. 

Open gyms for this week:
Closed for all activity Easter Sunday
Spring break April 6~10 open gyms 1:00~3:00 ($12) All other scheduled classes and program remain on schedule.

Parent Child 11:00~12:30
All Ages 1:00~3:00 ($12/6)
Tumbling 6:30~7:30
Fitness 6:30~7:30
 Parent Child 4:00~5:30
Fitness 7:00~8:00
Tumbling 7:00~8:00
Adult/Teen 8:00~9:30
Parent/Child 10:00~11:30
Youth 8:00~9:30 Recreational
Teen 9:30~11:00 Cheer & Gym

Tumbling 1:00~2:00
Youth 7:00~8:30
Teen 8:30~10:00
Youth 4:30~6:00
Fitness 6:00~7:00
Teen 7:00~8:30
First time clients please download and complete this form.
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About Us
Spins Gymnastics, established in 1984 on Long Island, puts focus on education, safety, and proper technique in a friendly, family environment. Our expertise includes all forms of gymnastics, parkour, and physical fitness. Our kind, helpful staff are happy to assist athletes of any age and ability. From toddlers to adults, beginners to elite athletes, Spins will help you learn and improve any physical skills that you can imagine.
New students can be registered at any time for any of our programs! Contact us to receive more information about our many programs that are available for you!


Proper attire is recommended for all classes and is mandatory for safety reasons.
Girls: one-piece body suit or comfortable attire for physical activity
Boys: shorts or sweatpants and a t-shirt
Everyone: either barefoot or socks; no midriffs, denim shorts or pants, belts, or buckles. Hair must be tied back and away from the face and all jewelry must be taken off to avoid any possible injury.

Holidays and Cancellations

Please check the bulletin board next to the front desk for gym closings. Also, in the case of inclement weather, please call the gym, and a cancellation notice will be on the answering machine message if no one is there to answer you call.

Classes start on time, and warm ups are a very important part of the lesson. Please sit in the lobby until an instructor calls the class to begin. No child will be allowed on any of the equipment without an instructor. Please notify your instructor before leaving the gym floor. WALK around other classes, and watch landing areas on all equipment.

Visitors must sit quietly in the viewing lobby. Please do not talk or otherwise distract the gymnast during class. If a parent needs to speak with a gymnast during a lesson, please ask office personnel for assistance. No parents are allowed on the gym floor.

No food, gum, or candy is allowed in the gym. Drinks are recommended, and should be in plastic containers. NO GLASS IS ALLOWED IN THE GYM. All water bottles should be placed in the cubbies.

Please feel from to notify your child's instructor when your gymnast comes in with special circumstances. We ask that you encourage your child to tell their instructor if they are confused, tired, sick, or hurt during class. If you or your children are having any problems within our program, we hope that you would bring it to our attention.

Any use of profanity is unacceptable and is not allowed at Spins. Students, parents, and coaches that use profanity will be asked to leave the premises immediately.
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